Afghanistan’s mines in critical condition:IWA

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2016)


Officials in integrity watch Afghanistan IWA have expressed their concerns over the critical condition of mines in Afghanistan comparing to past one decade.

They have also urged that USA has invested about half million dollar which paved the way for some of the parliament members, high profile Governmental figures and Taliban to use the opportunity and being benefited.

The following institution demanded US Government to invest on building capacity of the Ministry of mines and petroleum.

Eerlier SIGAR in a report has confirmed that huge amount of corruption existed in Ministry of mines and petroleum on building capacity section,due to poor management on the aspect has caused Afghanistan to lose huge amount of its wealth and to go to Taliban’s pockets, officials in IWA has also declared that undetermined investments of USA on Afghanistan’s mine has caused that 488 $ to be wasted.

Head of IWA sayed Akram Afzali said,”it was necessary to focus on stabilization of mines sectors, but officials have paid more attention on incomes of the mines, this ends up that a number of projects money goes to some people’s pockets.”

Money has been wasted on Afghanistan’s mines, and planning wasn’t on the right stage and USA has failed to launch a good planning period.”

Meanwhile Ministry of mines and petroleum spokesman Mahudding Noori has confirmed that there are some challenges existed on excavation of mines, and review process has began to see what SIGAR report really indicates.

Time is needed to review SIGAR report indicating problems in Afghanistan’s mines Mr. Noori said.

Afghanistan owns huge sources of mines which its values reaches to trillion $,Afghan Government has repeated insisted that legal and right excavation of mines will cause Afghanistan to be self sufficient.

Reported by Fawad Nasiri

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