Afghanistan, world security tied with drug trade: VP

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2016)


Second vice President Sarwar Danish stated in the National mobilization week against counter Narcotic drugs that drug trades in Afghanistan support financially the insurgents to fight against Afghan Government.

Meanwhile Minister of counter Narcotic Drugs claimed that despite of destroying 40 percent of the Narcotic drugs plantation, there are 3,6 million Afghans are addicted to drugs in Afghanistan.

Different main factors such as increasing of World drug users, presence of big drug traffickers, continuation of war, insecurity, poverty have caused the drugs to be planted significantly in Afghanistan.

Second vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish said,” Terrorism in Afghanistan is being fed by the harvest comes from Narcotic drugs, this has threatened the security of Afghanistan, region and the World.”

Earlier officials in Ministry of counter Narcotic drugs had reported the decreasing of the plantation of Narcotic drugs in Afghanistan.

Minister of counter Narcotic drugs Salamat Azimi said,” in the year of 2015 we witnessed 19 percent decreasing of the Narcotic drugs because 40 percent of the following plantation was destroyed.”

Based on the estimation of the plantation of Narcotic drugs it damages the health of the citizens more over other things in this country, that means the numbers of the addicted persons are increasing.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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