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Afghanistan to turn into terrorist burial: Ghani

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2015)

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President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani who is visiting European countries, has stated that Afghanistan will turn into a burial for terrorists, I m looking for hopes and bright future for Afghanistan through darkened terrorists visions.

In the slide side of climate change conference held in France has visited his Pakistani counterpart, demanding serious combat against terrorism in the region.

President Ghani during his speech said,” we the people and leaders of Muslim majority countries, speak for Islamic values of tolerance, harmony in our interconnected world, not those visiting destruction up on millions of people.”

Further in his speech President Ghani added that a grieving Paris is hosting us to secure the future of the world, saluting the resilience and resolve, we stand on solidarity with you, experiencing of the sewerage practice of Daesh and its associates reflecting of their distinctive pathology,morphology,ecology on daily basis, we the Muslim people of Afghanistan feel your pain, and determined to make our country the burial ground of Terrorism.

Meanwhile some sources have told to Ariana News that Pakistan based Embassy in France has submitted a letter demanding the Afghan President to have discussion with Pakistan- Britain officials.

Deputy spokesman of President Sayed Zafar Hashimi said,” the main discussion in the tripartite session was on ongoing proxy war in Afghanistan, further all officials have sought ways of finding solutions for Afghanistan’s peace and stability.”

Pakistani officials once again have repeated that now it’s time that we are to practice the demands of Afghanistan for decreasing violence and combating terrorism.

Distrusts has increased in between Kabul-Islamabad since the National Unity Government began to rule Afghanistan,it was a repeated words from Afghanistan Government that negotiations for Afghanistan peace talks should be pure and fair.

Reported by Zahir Qadiri



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