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Afghanistan to mimic Tajikistan’s forest business

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2016)


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during his visit to Tajikistan forest business center has stated that Afghanistan is still good environment for expanding and reviving the forest business.

In the visit President Ghani has said,” 800 acres of lands will be greened soon in Kabul city, talks have been made by the Korean experts on launching forest business, we will also revive those places where its jangles have been cut off due to different factors.”

President Ghani has also mentioned that Afghan Government is planning to besides reviving the forests, we will have plan to expand gardens of fruits in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is one of the countries where the majority of the its residents are farmers and earn their life through agriculture, but having no clear and standard policy for expanding green lands has caused the Nation to suffer from.


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