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Afghanistan to Get Out From Monopoly of Neighboring Countries’ Telecommunication

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2017)

The first fiber optic device with 10,000 lines worth $ 5 million has opened by the Ministry of Communications and Technology (MCoT) in Kandahar province.

The acting minister of communication says Afghanistan will get out from monopoly of neighboring countries’ telecommunication up to the next five years.

“We will get Afghanistan out from the monopoly of telecommunication,” said Sayed Ahmad Sadat, acting minister of communication.

MoCT noted Preisdent Ghani signed cybercrime law and based on the law, anyone who committed a cybercrime will be start from five thousand AFN fine to 20 years in jail.

The Cyber Crime Law criminalizes a range of online activities including hacking, spreading ethnic hatred, distribution of online defamatory speech, exposing government secrets, and cyber-terrorism within the provisions of the newly reviewed penal code.

“The law has 28 articles and it is going to control all cybercrimes. All criminals will be tracked and referred to courts,” a spokesman for the ministry of communication said.

In the meantime, officials expressed concerns during the opening ceremony of fiber optic and recommended some suggestion to MoCT.

“The antennas are cut off by telecom companies at night in many districts. The government should pay attention to this issue,” said Kandahar’s provincial council chief.

“We want to reduce costs and make telecommunication services more in Kandahar,” said deputy of Kandahar’s governor.

According to MoCT, the fiber optic project will be implemented in all across the country up to the year 2018.

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