Afghanistan to export fresh, dry fruits to abroad: CCI

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2016)



Officials in Chamber of commerce and industry have stated that since the fresh and dry fruits are mounting we will be capable to export huge amount of both fresh and dry fruits to foreign countries.

They have mentioned that Chabahar port will be a good connection point for Afghanistan to export its goods to abroad.

Economical experts are pessimistic saying there is no positive changes made on exporting Afghanistan’s goods to abroad.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Spokesman Siam Persarlay said,” We will export huge amount of both fresh and dry fruits to abroad this year based on the information accessed.”

Professor Sayed Masoud said,” What was experienced was only suffering and having no access to best markets for selling Afghanistan’s fruits in the past, the following process will be continued as before and no positive changes to be made.”

Based on the information Afghanistan is exporting fruits to more than 50 countries, but Afghan gardeners and producers have still criticized that the exporting process is slow, both fruits are rotten in Afghanistan having no cold storage.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi


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