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Afghanistan, to enter religious war again?

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2020)

The former head of threats assessment of national security, warns that the division of Fatimid, supported by Iran probably, is likely to start a religious conflict in Afghanistan.

Arian Sharifi, who monitored the groups’ activities for three years in National Security, said that the division of Fatimids had 15 to 21 thousands sleeper troops in Afghanistan, adding that it might appear to be an actual threat rather than a potential.

Also, in a meeting of Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies, he added that Iran might use the Mashhad Taliban Council against the US troops in Afghanistan.

“A portion of Fatimids troops have come back to Afghanistan from Syria and Iraq, and I am concerned whether they might start a religious conflict. On one hand, the ISIS, an Ultra-Sunni group, and on the other hand, the Fatimids troops, an Ultra-Shia, coming across in Afghanistan.”

There have been words spoken about the Mashhad Taliban Council too, having close ties with Tehran.

Tehran, using the council against the US in Afghanistan is not far from expectations.

On the other hand,  the recent tensions between the US and Iran are also said to be challenging for Afghanistan, as the former Afghanistan envoy to the UN, Mahmoud Saiqal said, “The tensions between Iran and the US might postpone the peace talks…”

This comes as the Afghan government remained neutral amid these tensions and announced that Afghanistan will never allow any nation to use Afghanistan as a proxy for war.

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