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Afghanistan to Enjoy Nationwide Peace in Near Future: Masoud

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2015)


The Afghanistan President special envoy Ahmad Zai Masoud said,” Afghanistan will enjoy Peace in the near future, and Taliban will have no other option unless to come to the peace Table with Afghan Government.”

His comment comes after that some of the media report from the re-opening of the Taliban Office in Qatar.

A peace talks which has been denied by the US Government to be promoted in Qatar.

Afghanistan peace talks is a daily discussion of Afghan Governmental officials and soon we will be the eye witness of the Nationwide peace in the country and Taliban will be part of this process with no choice.

Re-opening of Taliban political office in Doha-Qatar is one of the intentional place where the Afghanistan and Taliban peace talks to be on hold in coming weeks.

According to the Pakistani media information leaked the following office will be re-opened and some of the preparations have been taken.

Afghan Mp Mirdad Najrabi said,” I believe that Afghanistan peace talks will be held on either in Beijing, Islamabad, or Dubai and Qatar is good option comparing to Islamabad.”

The recent trip of Pakistani To Military commander Raheel to Afghanistan has indicated the green light of Taliban coming around the Afghanistan peace table.

Afghanistan Presidential palace has appreciated the efforts of Pakistan for paving the way of peace table with Taliban.

Afghan military expert Jawid Khoistani said,” we have lost several golden opportunities if the peace talks to be the Afghanistan benefits still there will low positive effects on Afghanistan security and safety.”

In the presidential press release mentioned that Afghan Government is once again committed to lead the peace talks as transparent and according to the Nation demands.

Reported by Nasrat Parsa


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