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Afghanistan to Celebrate Its 100th Anniversary of Independence

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2019)

The officials at Kabul Municipality says that they are preparing the city on occasion of the country’s 100th Independence Day anniversary.

“The Kabul Municipality tries to celebrate the country’s independence day in its perfect way using our existed facilities; therefore, installing lights on the streets is going on in addition to other stuff since several months,” said Nargis Mohmand, the Speaks person to the Kabul Municipality.  

However, a number of the Kabul residents say that the allocating large amount of funds to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the country’s Independence Day in the current situation is absurd.

They stress that the funds could be used for providing security, investing in developing projects and creating job opportunities for the citizens.

“We cannot gain our political independence unless we have economic independence,” said Ezatullah, a Kabul resident.

“We are not independent and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Independence Day suing the aided funds by other countries is ridiculous,” said Mohammad Ali Kawa, a Kabul resident.

Afghanistan gained its independence from Britain a hundred years ago back in Aug 1919; however, a number of the country’s citizens believe that their country is not independent currently. 

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