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Afghanistan to be self-sufficient: Arghandiwal

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2014)


Minister of Economy of Afghanistan Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal has presented the five years report on Afghanistan National Development Strategy for donors countries participated in gathering on Sunday.

He said,” if the existed mines in the heart of Afghanistan to be extracted and well managed for coming ten years Afghanistan will be self-sufficient.”

He also demanded the donor countries to continue to their assistance for Afghanistan.

The following strategy has been categorized into three parts Security, Governance, and sovereignty of the law, eight main sectors,and seventeen sub-sector six crosscutting issues.

Despite of a lot of challenges and little opportunities 66% of the Afghanistan National development strategy has been implemented claimed Minister of Economy Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal.

Officials in Ministry of Economy have also claimed that 42% of people had been living under the poverty line but this number decreased into 36% after five years of the strategy was implemented.

Meanwhile the special envoy from United Nations to Afghanistan Mark Bowden has declared the report satisfactory also said,” this will strengthen the relationships of Afghanistan with International community.”

The following strategy is led by the high monitoring committee which includes Ministers of Economy, Justice, Education, Commerce industry, and the National security advisor who had been assigned by the President of Afghanistan.

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