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Afghanistan Thrifts 8 Billion Afghani in Past Nine Months:Yawari

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2015)


Officials in National bureau procurement department have said,” Afghanistan has been capable to thrift 8 Billion AF  since past none months, the following amount of money has come from the reviewing of the contracts of 189 projects across the country.”

The efforts come after that President Ghani has give direction to the following department to launch efforts on transparency, building capacity and communication within the National Bureau procurement office.

Head of the National Bureau procurement department Yama Yawari said,” 189 projects has been confirmed which 8$ billion thrifts has been made,14 contracts were presented to the committee 13 of the contracts has been approved so far.”

They have also added that out of 13 contracts ,11 contracts goes to Ministry of Defense.

The 11 contracts which has been approved for the Ministry of Defense has made 103 million Afghani which is all about the Afghan Air force’s fueling contract head of the National Bureau procurement department Yama Yawari said.

Its said that Afghanistan has been a big market for the different projects both Governmental and private once,but huge corruption has caused the quality of the projects to be low, it didn’t satisfy the Afghan Nation, therefore the National Bureau procurement department has been established to launch more transparency and check the quality of work within the projects across the country.

Reported by FarahNaz Fortan

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