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Afghanistan Signs $11M Deal to Build Prefab Housing Factory

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2017)

prefobricationAfghanistan on Saturday signed a contract with a Turkish company to establish a factory that could build prefabricated buildings across the country.

The contract was signed between the Afghan Ministry of Urban Development and Vefa Group, a Turkish company, at the Afghan presidential palace.

Construction of the factory is estimated to cost $11 million which will be funded by the government of Afghanistan.

The Afghan Minister of Urban Development said based on our requirements we are making efforts to provide enough facilities for the construction industry.

“By building this factory and producing prefabrication materials we can build schools, hospitals, universities, affordable houses and other installations that will help in quality, cost and time of construction,” Urban Development Minister Sayed Sadat Naderi said.

The Turkish company will cooperate with the Ministry of Urban Development in capacity building and providing equipments.

“Now, we are switching to a stage where we will give our intense efforts in coordination and cooperation before the factory is ready for production, we will start training Afghan engineers and technical teams in Vefa Factory in Turkey” Orhan Guner, the head of the Turkish company said .

The factory will begin its work with 37 machineries and the construction work of the factory is expected to be completed in another 12 months. According to officials the factory will produce 300,000 cubic meters of prefabricated building materials annually.

Reported by: Lyda Nyazi

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