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Afghanistan Should Not Turn Into Safe Haven for Terrorists: US Ex-Commander

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2017)

army_petraeus_rank_c0-255-3634-2373_s885x516US retired general, ex-CIA chief David Petraeus stresses on Washington’s mission to not allow Afghanistan turn into a safe haven for terrorism.

David Petraeus says the only way for Afghanistan mission is enabling Afghans to take the control of their country themselves.

“They accomplish that mission without us doing that ourselves is obviously to enable the Afghans to overtime secure themselves and govern themselves. Afghanistan should not turn into a safe haven for terrorists,” said David Petraeus, decorated military commander who led US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The retired American military officer noted that Afghan security forces bravely fight against the insurgent groups such as Taliban and Daesh.

Petraeus also emphasized on importance of US Islamic partners in fight against extremism and criticized the recent measures taken by the new president.

“Muslim allies or Muslim country partners are the ones who are in the frontline. It is again a struggle within their civilization even more than it is between our civilization and we do not want to hidden the differences between those civilizations. Beyond that I feel that we have a more obligation to those who put their lives in the line,” Gen. Petraeus added.

This comes as earlier NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in a meeting with New Zeeland’s Prime Minister Bill English in Brussels said they will not allow Afghanistan become a safe haven for terrorists.

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