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Afghanistan should have new president in 15 days: Karzai

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2014)


President Hamid Karzai said Thursday that Afghanistan should have new leadership and president in the next 15 days.
President Karzai pointed to negative impacts of prolonged run-off polls over people’s ordinary life and security, said that the result of the election should be announced according to assigned schedule and Afghanistan must have new president and new rule in next 15 days.
Karzai hoped the two presidential candidates’ recent agreement will pave the way for the conclusion of the electoral process.
Stressing on the importance of furthering the national unity, President Karzai said, “The statesmen, politicians and the elites of this country should all be grateful to people and the national unity, and it thus obliges them to fully protect people’s interest and strengthen state institutions”
While Karzai demands for the transmutation of power that nearly 70 % of the votes has been audited.


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