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Afghanistan self-sufficient in 40 domestic product categories: ACCI

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2012)

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) officials say Afghanistan has achieved self- sufficiency in 40 small and medium domestic product categories.

ACCI officials said despite many problems, now Afghanistan can compete with the exporting countries of the world in production of food materials, plastics, non-alcohol drinks, safe drinking water and many other product categories.

They said Afghan manufacturing industries are able to increase the level of production according to the demand of its citizens.

Afghanistan Industry Union officials say that the country recently reached self-sufficiency in the production of ice cream and there is no need to import low-quality ice cream from the foreign countries, because the quality of Afghan Ice Cream is excellent.

ACCI deputy chairman Khan Jan Alkozai urged the government to increase import taxes and impose tougher laws on the import of goods that are now produced in Afghanistan in order to support the domestic industries.

Afghanistan Industry Union head Jabbar Safi said they are now ready and able to export products that are made in Afghanistan to foreign countries, especially to Central Asian countries.  The Afghan companies want the government to provide facilities to help the export sector and boost employment in Afghanistan.

In his recent decree, President Karzai ordered the ministry of trade to evaluate options of actions to be taken to resolve the problems faced by domestic industries, and to submit ministry recommendations and suggestions to the council of ministers to develop increased domestic production.

The strengthening of domestic production and industrial output capacities will able the country to stand on its feet, and it can also boost the economy and provide employment for the citizens according to ministry officials.

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