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Afghanistan seeks honesty of Pakistan on peace talks process

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2016)


Afghan officials are hopeful to see pure honesty of Pakistan officials towards peace talks process,therefore they insisted to gain Pakistan honesty on the process.

They have stated that peace talks process to re begin in between the Afghan Government and Taliban in coming two weeks,for initial steps the four representatives of Afghanistan, Pakistan, USA and China will hold a session in Islamabad on order provide best plat form for both Afghan and Taliban representatives to sit behind the negotiation table and talk about peace process.

President’s deputy spokesman sayed Zafar Hashimi said,” time will declare how Pakistan will be honest towards Afghanistan’s peace talks process,what is clear that four countries have committed to declare their stance against Afghanistan’s peace process which are Afghanistan,USA,China and Pakistan.”

Though Pakistan Government hasn’t been honest towards peace talks process for the past years,but former peace negotiators and Taliban are optimistic on holding peace talks.

Former member of peace delegation Mohammad Natiqi said,” if Taliban are ready for peace then we reconcile,there is hope that the upcoming peace talks process will give good results.”

Meanwhile peace high council spokesman Shahzada Shahid said,” division of Taliban will end up with positive results and each party will try to join peace process.”

Pakistan Defense Minister has told to Pakistani senators that Pakistan chief of Army trip to Afghanistan contained a clear peace message which peace talks process will soon begin and it will be led by Afghans.

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