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Afghanistan responsible for Peace Talks from now on: Ghani

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2015)

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President Ashraf Ghani says on Monday that Afghanistan itself is responsible for the Initiative face-to-face Peace Talks between Afghan government officials and the Taliban representatives after this.

“We do not want Paksitan to bring Taliban to the negotiation table, after this we are responsible for peace talks,” Ghani said.

The first official peace talks between the Afghan Taliban and the government in Kabul concluded with an agreement to meet again after the month of Ramazan.

Pakistan hosted the first round of meeting in a tentative step towards ending more than 13 years of war in neighboring Afghanistan, where the Taliban have been trying to re-establish their regime, which was toppled by a US-led military invasion in 2001.

Ghani warned Pakistan to destroy all terrorist havens and offices in its country; otherwise Afghan government will take a new position against it.

With pointing to the recent suicide attack in Shah Shahid area of Kabul city, President called on Pakistan to identify the main perpetrators of the incident.

Most observers agree that only a political settlement can significantly reduce the violence, but previously, Ghani severely criticized at home for his attempts to enlist the help of Pakistan to bring the Taliban to the peace table.

Pakistan has been suspected of collaborating with some terrorists for years.

Afghanistan witnessed tragic events in recent days in which dozens of innocent people were victimized. Although the terrorists attacked government and foreign targets but unfortunately in action, it were the ordinary innocent people who paid the price for such tragic terrorist attacks.

The recent bloody attacks in the country, particularly in Kabul are really hesitating and deliberating from divers aspects.

Efforts to roll back the Taliban could receive a powerful boost from a thaw in relations with neighboring Pakistan. But now Ghani called on Pakistan to prove that Afghanistan enemy is the enemy of Pakistan.

Earlier, Both Ghani and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have insisted there would no longer be distinctions made between good and bad insurgents, a tacit reference to what analysts describe as a longtime Pakistani policy of battling its own insurgents while turning a blind eye to the Afghan Taliban.

At the same time, President Ashraf Ghani stressed that Afghanistan would have no mercy for those whose hands are stained with the blood of people especially civilians.

Afghan-Pakistani relations have improved in recent months following years of tensions but in speech not in action, during which each had accused the other of supporting militants operating along their porous border.




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