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Afghanistan Policies not Sufficient to develop Remote Provinces: Masoud

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2015)


Afghanistan didn’t have balanced policies towards the developing of the remote provinces in the past 13 years.

President special envoy for the Good Governance stated that the existed policies of the previous Government has caused the remote provinces still leave behind and stay poor in all aspects.

He has also questioned the budget for development projects of Afghanistan not useful.

During a joint session in between the civil society and political parties cooperated by the NGO called Badeel Sabz President special envoy said,” poor management, and unbalanced distribution of budgeting in provinces has left them behind the balanced developments,The other factor for those provinces which no sufficient development made is that former president of Afghanistan had only focused on several key provinces.”

He has expressed his concerns saying the ongoing condition within the provincial governments is that no one trusts and obeys each other from the top to down.

Head of budgeting Zairahman Halimi said,” the Afghanistan budgeting system is a traditional and old one reviews needs to be made to change the current system in to a new one Donors only interested to determine the budget according to the projects not programs.”

Budget of Afghan Government has always been questioned by the National council members where main question has been the unbalanced budgeting.

Reported by Nimatullah Ahmadi


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