Afghanistan,NATO, Pakistan agree on combating Daesh

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2016)


In a tripartite session Afghanistan, NATO and Pakistan have agreed to launch serious combat on removing Daesh and other militancy groups, officials in Ministry of Defense have stated if Pakistan doesn’t fulfill its commitments the following country will experience problems coming from the International community.

Ministry of Defense Deputy Spoksman Mohammad Radmanish said,” its clear where terrorism is, officials from both countries have agreed to fight Daesh militants, if Pakistan still neglect, it will face huge problems exert from the International community,”

Meanwhile Deputy Committee member of the security in upper house of the parliament still sees Pakistan as dishonest country, believed holding such session will not give good results.

Deputy Committee member of the security in upper house of the parliament Afzal Shamil said,” If we witness 100 of such session it will not give good results, Pakistan is not punctual and honest.”

Recently Pakistani military have started building military construction at the edge of Duran line which provoked the concerns of the Afghan security forces who engaged in between each other where both sides lost dozens forces.

During past week or so dozens of Daesh militants were killed, their safe houses in Kot district of Nangarhar province were captured by the Afghan special forces, the foundation was built for their activities were destroyed , one of their top commander called Saad was killed by the air strike.

Reported by Abdul Azizi Karimi

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