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Afghanistan Must be self Sufficient by Receiving International Aids: Haqjo

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2014)

Economy picAfghanistan must use the International aids in way to become pretty self sufficient after a decade in the future.

A number of the Afghan economy experts have said,” International community must financially support Afghanistan to the end of 2024.”

They have also warned if the International community stops aiding, Afghanistan will face serious economy challenges.

Afghanistan has been experiencing receiving International aids from foreign countries where there has been challenges and full of pretty challenges.

Once again International countries have promised to support Afghanistan financially for coming 4 years ahead.

Afghan economy expert Azarakh Hafizi said,” Afghanistan has been benefiting from the International fianancial supports since 13 years and willing to experience the other upcoming 4 years, he also stated that it will be boring for international community to keep giving aids to Afghanistan I think our Nation needs to become self sufficient after receiving of 17 years total supports.”

The former president of chamber of commerce Qurban Haqjo said,” International community should continue to its supports up to 2024 and we hope Afghan Government to become self sufficient providing financial supports for both common and developing budgets.”

Based on the reports Afghanistan needs 8 up to 10 $ billion annually however International community has committed to aid Afghanistan to the end of 2017 $16 billion said member of economical in lower house of the parliament Ramadan Jumazada.

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