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Afghanistan Marks Day of National Mourning after Deadly Attack on Army Base

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2017)


Afghanistan is marking a day of national mourning to pay tribute for dozens of soldiers who were killed and injured after a Taliban’s deadly attack on Shaheen 209 military corps.

About 10 Taliban militants disguised in military uniform stormed the army base in Mazar-i-Sharif on Friday afternoon and targeted unarmed soldiers in the dining facility and those who were leaving Friday prayers.

Following a visit to the army base, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani declared Sunday a national day of mourning.

President Ghani’s office said in a statement that flags across the country and elsewhere would be flown at half-mast on April 23 as a mark of respect to the wounded and dead soldiers.

As a result, special prayers would also be offered in the presidential palace’s mosque and other religious places.

The attack was widely condemned inside and outside the country.

Afghanistan Ulema Council condemned the attack and called it against Islamic teachings and humanitarian norms.

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