Afghanistan Marks 18th Death Anniversary of Ahmad Shah Masoud

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2019)

Afghan high-ranking officials commemorated the 18th death anniversary of Ahmad Shah Masoud on Monday in Kabul.

By laying flowers on resistance minaret, Afghan officials remembered the National Hero of Afghanistan who fiercely fought Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and later led the resistance against Taliban regime until his assassination.

Accompanied by Afghan Defense Minister Asadullah Khaild and former Jihadi leaders, the Chief Executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah paid rich tribute to Massoud at a ceremony in Massoud square in Kabul.

Mr. Abdullah recalled the heroism of late Masoud and his Mujahideen, adding that the Afghan security forces and the people of Afghanistan are still paying the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

In addition, a large number of government officials, former Jihadi leaders and supporters of Masoud gathering in the Loya Jirga tent in Kabul where they also commemorated the heroism of Ahmad Shah Masoud and other martyrs.

Despite the heavy presence of Afghan security forces, celebratory fires were heard from different corners of the city and armed youths were seen marching in the city and terrorizing the city.

In an incident, the fans of Masoud exchanged gunfire with Afghan security forces and as a result a member of Afghan security forces lost his life.

The Interior Ministry said that six armed suspects have been detained in connection to the incident.

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