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Afghanistan Maintains its Currency Banking Policy Stable Vs Neighboring

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2015)


Officials in Central Bank of Afghanistan have said,” that Afghanistan has maintained its currency Banking policy against neighboring countries policies stable in 2014 despite of severe banking challenges.”

They have refused decreasing of the note banks supplies, contrary to that supplying note banks increased in 2014 within the bank.


Acting Central Bank of Afghanistan Khan Afzal Adawal said, “despite of severe challenges in the country with good predication and programs we have been capable to maintain the values of the Afghanistan note banks against neighboring countries policies.”

He also said,” the financial aids which are being granted to Afghanistan is based on US Dollar which we exchange it into Afghani; we have also raised the level of the investments and benefited much out of it.”


A number of the Afghan analyzers criticized the Banking policies and economy of Afghanistan for the past 13 years saying the National Unity Government NUG should adopt necessary and determined polices for growing of internal production.

Afghan expert Kakojan Niazee said,” though Afghanistan Government didn’t have suitable programs to keep the Afghan currencies stable but the National Unity Government should take this issue seriously.”

The following optimisms comes after beginning of National Unity Government the level of poverty, joblessness and unemployment is raised and it made the National to worry about their future.

Reported by Nimatullah Ahmadi



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