Afghanistan Made Remarkable Progress in Terms of Capabilities: UK Ambassador

(Last Updated On: October 8, 2018)

The UK Ambassador to Kabul, Nicholas Kay says Afghanistan has made significant progress in a range of key areas which are effective for the future of the country.

“Progress in Afghanistan is visible. There is no doubt that you can see it whether it is from infrastructure that is there that wasn’t there or whether it is from government institutions that were not there and functioning in the past,” Kay said.

The Special Representative of United Kingdom expressed optimism over the future of Afghanistan in comparison of the past challenges.

“When I was there last in 2006, it was really a very embryonic thing. Now you have very recognizable government institutions going about their businesses increasingly capable ministers and ministries. Judicial system had a lot of problems and challenges but there are bits of it now that are beginning to function in a very robust way. For example the Anti-Corruption Justice Center (ACJC) which is vital because it is a real problem in Afghanistan,” Ambassador Kay asserted.

The Britain special envoy emphasized on continuation of UK’s assistance and cooperation with Afghanistan.

“The widespread corruption with UK’s help, there is now this justice center that takes cases, investigates them, tries them, sentences people, increasingly senior people; deputy ministers, 3 star generals have gone through this. As I say institutions beginning to work and I think the UK focus is absolutely correctly now placed the politics of the place that is institution building,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah at the Ministerial Council session on Monday called the International Community’s assistance very effective for addressing the biggest challenges in the country.

Abdullah further added that the world is ready to continue cooperation with Afghanistan in condition of good governance, reforms and fight against corruption.

This comes as Afghanistan has always been affiliated to the assistance of the International Community in terms of security and economic growth.

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