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Afghanistan, Iran agree to increase air flights between two countries

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2015)

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Afghanistan and its neighboring country Iran have agreed on increasing the maximum number of flights for each country, Civil Aviation Administration of Afghanistan said.

Afghanistan Civil Aviation Administration declared that more flights to Iranian port will be conducted aimed to solve trade problems of the two countries.

Tehran and Kabul expect bilateral trade to increase once Iran’s Chabahar port is fully operational. The port is intended to be a conduit for landlocked Afghanistan to trade with India and other countries.

Afghan authorities noted that according to the new agreement, Afghan new flights to Iran will be more from now on.

Chabahar port, Abas port and Kish are the new areas where Afghan investors can use them.

“Our aim is to improve trade relation between Afghanistan and Iran and the two countries to have better trade deals,” Qasim Rahimi, spokesman of Civil Aviation Administration said.

Meanwhile, officials in Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the increase of flights to Iran is effective for Afghan businessmen.

“We can reach to Gulf countries in this way and creates a new market for Afghan investors,” Hashim Rasouli, spokesman of chamber of commerce said.

Afghan economic analysts are also optimistic over the increase of flights between the two countries.

“The agreement between two countries will have positive effects for Afghan investors,” Taj Muhammad Talash, economic analyst said.

Bilateral trade between the Iran and Afghanistan is estimated at over $2 billion per year, and rising


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