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Afghanistan Internally Displaced Hits Record Number This Year

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2016)

increasing-number-of-afghans-forced-to-flee1Afghanistan witnessed the highest number of internally displaced people in the country during the current year.

State minister for national disaster management authority called the number internally displaced people ‘catastrophic’; citing they are trying to find an effective solution for displaced and refugees in coordination with Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation, United Nations Immigration Office.

According to new statistics, the number of displaced people in 11 provinces of the country is more than the previous years.

90 thousand families have been displaced due to conflict and insecurity;

794 killed and 1487 wounded

Number of devastation the survey found;

296 schools destroyed

47 health center seriously damaged

72 mosques destroyed

6394 residential houses destroyed

1500 shops destroyed

12 government buildings destroyed

17 bridges out of use

265 culverts destroyed

12 Km or roads damaged

33 wells destroyed

Simultaneously, with this report, The Taliban militant group has promised to support and protect development projects in Afghanistan, a statement released by the group on Tuesday read.

UN High Commissioner office welcomes this scheme.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Refugees announces the number of Afghan returnees back to home about 1 million.

The statistics report while insecurity and poverty still expanding in the country.

Reported by Muhammad Yousuf Yasa 

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