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Afghanistan gains World Trade Organization membership

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Chamber of Commerce and Industry have announced that Afghanistan has gained the WTO membership, it will impact significantly over the exports and imports of goods into Afghanistan and will boost the economy as well as it resolves Pakistan- Afghanistan transit issues.

Officials in Chamber of Commerce and economy experts have expressed optimistic insisting over good management to benefit Afghanistan the most.

Ministry of Chamber of Commerce and industry spokesman Musafir Qoqandi said,” Afghanistan business became worldwide by gaining the following membership it will pave better ways for Afghanistan economy, it will resolve mutual transit issues of Afghanistan- Pakistan, WTO membership will push Afghanistan to find best markets for its products.”

Meanwhile Chamber of commerce and industry spokesman Saim Persarlay said,” If we don’t have good progress in our internal products, and don’t receive subsidy against dumping law, the following memberships will give no benefit to our economy.”

Economy experts have declared the following victory a golden chance but insisting on good management.

Professor Sayed Masoud said,” having the WTO membership is good thing, but its needed to be well managed for the benefits of Afghanistan, warned the Governmental officials if the following thing doesn’t get managed it will damage the whole country economy.”

World Trade Organization was established on 1995 to manage the trades in the world and Afghanistan after years of efforts could gain its membership on 2016 and find its place on the 164 position.

Reported by Parisa Ibrahimi


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