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Afghanistan Exports 20 Tons of Grapes to India via Chabahar

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2019)

For the first time, the Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industries exported 20 tons of grapes to India’s markets through Iran’s Chabahar Port, officials said on Wednesday.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Afghanistan has sent a total of 700 tons of goods to India through Chabahar.

The exported goods include legume, precious stones, and dry fruits.

Sameer Rasa, Spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Commerce has told that the export of fresh fruits was challenging because fruits can get spoiled quickly; however, the first attempt was successful.

Mr. Rasa added that Afghanistan will soon begin exports of Kandahar pomegranate and Maidan Wardak apple via Chabahar to India’s markets.

Afghan officials believe that the increase of business through Chabahar will pave the way for positive business competitions in the region. In addition, the Afghan goods have reached India’s markets at a low cost via Chabahar Port.

Two days ago, Pakistan announced that the Torkham border crossing, the busiest port of entry between Afghanistan and Pakistan, will remain operational round-the-clock on a trial basis from Monday, 02 September.

The Chabahar Port was inaugurated late in 2017. The port provides a key supply route for Afghanistan and allows India to bypass rival Pakistan to trade with Central Asia.

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