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Afghanistan Economy Reformation System Encourages US Business Men: US Mp

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2014)


The US parliament head of relation Edward Royse has said,” the reformation on Afghanistan economy system will encourage US business men to invest in Afghanistan.”

US nomadic CEO Pama gowayer has also mentioned that US traders are interested in investing on agriculture and mine sections in Afghanistan.

Mr Edward has said,” I see a huge number of US trader are keen to invest in Afghanistan, the following responsibility goes to Afghanistan Government to pave the suitable plat forms and reform the economy system for mutual businesses.”

Though security issue is a serious challenge against their investments still US Traders are eager to invest said Pama gowayer.

This comes after that Afghan National Unity Government has begun its mission by promising several things such as combating corruption, paving a suitable plat form for growing of economy and investments of National and International traders.

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