Afghanistan eager to be member of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2016)

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Afghanistan interests in getting the membership of  Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Ministry of Finance said.

Afghanistan-China Business Council says Afghanistan’s membership in this Bank is an essential need.

The ministry of Finance emphasized that serious efforts are underway for achieving the membership of this bank which is very important for the country.

The finance ministry considers to participate the World Economic Summit for growing the economics of the country.

The new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, backed by China as a potential rival to the World Bank and other international lenders, opened in Beijing.

The 57 member nations have contributed $100 billion in capital to the AIIB, making it nearly half the size of the World Bank as it begins operations.

China provided 30 percent of the new bank’s capital, the largest share. AIIB is the first multilateral bank that does not have the United States and Japan as partners.

Adviser to Afghanistan-China Business Council stresses on China’s role in the economics of Afghanistan; citing the country should maintain the relations of the two country.

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