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Afghanistan Dispatches Its First Shipment to India via Chahabar  

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2019)

Afghanistan dispatched its first set of cargo trucks carrying 570 tons of export goods to India through Iran’s Chabahar Port on Sunday.

The shipment left for Chabahar from Zaranj, the capital of northwestern Nimroz province.

Inaugurating the first Afghan cargo in Zaranj City, President Ghani said that Afghanistan is transforming from an importing country to exporting one.

Ghani said that the country’s exports are currently $1billion and that will be increased to $2 billion next year.

The inauguration ceremony, Iran’s ambassador to Afghanistan Ahmad Reza Bahrami said that Kabul-Tehran relation is in a better position and that Chabahar Port could be a “suitable” route for expanding trade ties in the region.

He said Chahabar Port would be expanded so that it could be a trade route for the region and Central Asia.

Separately,  President Ghani met with Nimruz provincial council members where he said that an elite unit from National Directorate of Security will be deployed to protect the route that leads to Chabahar from Nimruz to ensure safe flow of goods.

He also said that the people of Nimruz play a substantial role in guaranteeing export and import of goods from Afghanistan to Chabahar and beyond.

The president stressed that the government has launched multiple trade routes, now it was up to private investors to materialize its potentials. He reiterated that the government will continue to modernize agriculture for increased productivity.

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