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Afghanistan demining program to complete in next 8 years

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2015)


Afghansitan will solve all of its landmines problems in the next eight years, Afghanistan Natural Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) said.

Wais Ahmad Barmak, Natural Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) chief says that lack of enough budgets delayed the demining program which should have been completed two years ago.

“Afghanistan should have been clear of landmines in 2013 but now we reach to 80 percent of our goal. Only 20 % remains that we hope it completes in 2023,” Wais Ahmad Barmak, head of ANDMA said.

Meanwhile, officials in National Bureau of Disaster say that Central, South, North and Northeastern regions of the country are the most vulnerable areas which the death toll of landmines recorded to 38 incidents per month.

According to Natural Disaster Management Authority, Afghanistan spent 55 to $ 60 million in the areas clearing landmines and unexploded explosives yearly.

After decades of war, Afghanistan is littered with land mines and unexploded ordnance. In the last years, more than thousands of people have been killed or injured by so-called unexploded remnants of war.


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