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Afghanistan Constitution to Be Reviewed in Coming Years: Danish

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2014)

Sarwar DanishAfghanistan constitution has been broken several times by the Afghan leaders due to no political wills; policy and strategy said second deputy of Afghan Government Sarwar Danish during his speech on the 10th anniversary of Constitution session held in Kabul on Saturday.

Second deputy of the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Sarwar Danish said,” Afghanistan constitution will be reviewed in coming two years based on the agreement made in between the National Unity Government leaders.”

The former National security advisor Dr.Rangin Datfar Ispanta also said, “Adding the ethnic and linguistic discourses context within the Afghanistan constitution is counted as one of the internal contradictions of the law.”

Afghanistan Constitution has been codified on 2003 by the President Hamid Karzai which was declared as the perfect constitution even in the region, it seems that the follow law has not been practiced fully within the territory of Afghanistan.

Ariana News reporter has asked the former National security Advisor for Hamid Karzai, whether the pervious leaders of Afghanistan did not have the opportunity for implementation of the Afghanistan constitution in the past.?

The Former National Security advisor Ispanta admitted that the pervious Afghan leaders including me are the responsible for not benefiting the opportunities which had been accessible.

Afghan second deputy of the President Sarwar Danish committed to see fundamental reforms to be made in the Afghan constitution and saying it’s a key need to our Nation.

A research which has been conducted by the Evaluation ,Research Unit in Afghanistan during past 12 years indicates that some of the decisions made by the executive section has caused the judicial section to be underestimated.

Afghanistan constitution has been approved by the President Hamid Karzai on 2003 in 12 Chapters, and 162 articles.

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