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Afghanistan, China, Pakistan Foreign Ministers Meeting to Kick Off Tomorrow

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2017)

Foreign ministers of China, Pakistan and Afghanistan will meet in Beijing tomorrow for discussions on ending tensions between Kabul and Islamabad.

Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign (MoF) considers solving the tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan is not a one night work, but emphasized that China can play an active role in persuading Islamabad to eradicate terrorist safe havens in its soil.

“China is an effective country. We hope China uses its influence on Pakistan. China concerns over the increase of Daesh footholds in Afghanistan and is committed to press Pakistan to bring Taliban and other terrorist groups for peace,” said Sebqatullah Ahmadi, deputy spokesman of MoF.

The Afghan government pre-condition to ease its relation with Pakistan is that Islamabad takes practical steps for eradication of terrorist centers in its soil.

“Afghanistan faces terrorist threats which suicide attacks are one its components. Afghan people and security forces give sacrifices to stand against them,” said Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah.

However, would China be a successful mediator between Afghanistan and Pakistan in ending tensions?

“If Pakistan’s commitments will be the same as past, then tomorrow’s meeting will be failed without any result. China has a great influence on Pakistan and it really can persuade Islamabad to change its policy,” said Nasratullah Istanik Zai, university teacher.

Afghanistan has long accused Pakistan of harboring and supporting militant groups that carry out attacks across shared borders, which Islamabad rejects.

Afghan and Pakistani troops have clashed across the boundary between the two states, which Kabul does not recognize as an international border.

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