Afghanistan can overcome economic problems by managing water resources – Minister

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2015)

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Officials believe that the Afghan government can overcome hugely on the current economic problems if we strive to manage our water resources.

Afghan minister of rural and rehabilitation who was speaking in a session held for the purpose of the International Water Day said that currently our water resources hit 75 billion cubic meters and if we could manage that we would not suffer from economic problems now.

Rural & rehabilitation minister, Naseer Ahmad Durani said,” we have good water resources, but they must be managed very well to help us become self-sufficient in the producing electricity energy and agricultural products”.

Mohammad Samay, deputy minister of rural and rehabilitation affairs said that out of 75 billion cubic meters, we are only using 30 percent of our water resources.

Afghans always complain about having less access to drinking and agricultural water resources though we have vast water resources being wasted.

On the other hand Officials repeatedly arguing that they have plans to manage water resources, but they need financial sources from the International community to support their plans.

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