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Afghan Women Face Increased Sexual Harassment: Survey

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2017)

Afghan women are facing an increased level of sexual harassment in the country, according to a newly released survey conducted by Women and Children Legal Research Foundation.

Sexual harassment is considered the most abundant types of violence against women in different places including working environments, streets and markets in Afghanistan.

The survey which has been carried out across five provinces indicates that the phenomenon is growing in the country.

60 members of provincial commissions in charge of pursuing elimination of violence against women have been asked in the survey about the people’s perception of sexually harassed girls.

27 percent of the people have described the victims as motivators while 19 percent supported the victims. 30 percent of the respondents expressed willing over punishing of the victims and 24 percent have indicated disagreement with girl’s activities and working outside.

The Chief of Women Affairs Department in Balkh province expressed concerns over the situation, saying the main factors behind violence against women are the poor culture, insecurity and illiteracy.

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