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Afghan Women Criticize Undercover Decisions About Peace

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2019)

The women at the Afghan Women’s Network criticize the undercover decisions made about the Afghan peace and are concerned in this regard.

They ask all the involved sides in the Afghan peace process to consider engaging the Afghan women, men, and youth in any peace agreement, the ceasefire in the country and holding the presidential election to preserve the Afghan people’s gains over past 18 years.

They describe the idea of an interim government ‘castaway’.

“Demands of all the sides should be considered and respected when an agreement is made,” said Mary Akrami, Chief of the Afghan Women’s Network.

They further do not accept such a peace that only stop killing but bring restrictions to the people including marginalizing the women.

“The peace which we want has conditionals. Only stopping the killings cannot be peace,” said Mahbobeh Saraj, a civil activist.

Moreover, they prioritize the presidential election, saying the elected government can make decisions regarding Afghan peace.

“The elected government can represent the Afghan people and use its authority in all of the agreements,” said Shinkai Karokheel, an MP from Kabul province.

This comes as the United States’ president has discussed the Afghan peace process with his senior advisors.

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