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Afghan Universities Require Qualitative Assessment: Masoud

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2015)

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Afghan universities require an overall assessment to resolve issues and challenges students face continuously, Ahmad Zia Masoud the Special Envoy to President on Reforms and Good Governance Affairs said on Saturday.

Masoud says the situation of universities in Afghanistan is not acceptable for students, because the universities curriculums are old and it requires a new method of teaching.

“A serious action must be taken regarding the curriculum of universities; we should seek different system and apply teaching methods. The old system cannot respond to the student’s requirements, and I ask a qualitative change in the education system of Afghanistan,” Masoud said.

Meanwhile Minister of Higher Education says the ministry has already started assessing the governmental and non-governmental universities to eliminate the challenges in the education system.

“We have started an overall assessment of the universities, we are struggling to respond to the students problems in cooperation with the related ministries, we are also focusing to provide employment opportunities for graduated students,” Farida Momand Minister of Higher Education stated.

Experts believe it will be difficult to eradicate challenges in the educational sector if we do not seek practical solutions to respond to the needs of students in the universities both quantitative and qualitative.

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Reported by: Rafi Sediqi

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