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Afghan Ulema Council Reacted Against Pakistani Religious Scholar’s Remarks

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2017)

CaptureThe Afghanistan Ulema Council called the recent comments of Moulana Fazel Rahman, a Pakistani religious scholar as poisonous and based on his personal interests.

Moula Fazel Raham in a speech called Jihad in Afghanistan as a religious duty due to foreign troop’s presence in the country.

“The country in which Fazel Rahman lives is a country under dominance of Britain, and the country as much influence as it can do anything it want.” Qaseem Halimi, a spokesperson for Afghan National Council of Ulema said. 

The religious scholars say that U.S has military bases across Pakistan, citied the country isn’t an independent nation.

“There is unbelievably amount of social miseries in Pakistan that we haven’t a pound of it back in Afghanistan. “ Baba Jan Siaghani, a member of Afghan Ulema Council said.

The scholars say a number of extremist Pakistani scholars are the puppets of the country’s intelligence body.

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