Afghan Transit Vehicles allowed to reach India through Waga Port

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2015)


Finally after 13 years Afghan businessmen could pass their goods directly through Waga port of Pakistan to India.

Officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industries says that this is the first time that Pakistan allows Afghan commercial transit vehicles to pass directly through this port located in border between Pakistan and India.

They added that effective 21st of January 2015 Afghan commercial transit vehicles have the right based on a memorandum of understanding signed between Kabul and New Delhi to enter 5 kilo meter in India territory through this port.

Musafer Qoqoqandi, Spokesman of the Ministry said,” Afghan government has asked the Pakistani side to let the Afghan merchants utilize this port in order to load and reload their goods, we have officially sent a letter to Pakistan government to let Afghan merchants to both export and import goods from Afghanistan to India and vice versa”.

On the other hand Hashim Rasooli, head of media department of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) said,” Though Afghan traders will be able to export their goods but they are not allowed to import goods from India and the transit vehicles will return empty handed”.

Director of the National Consultative Borad of Afghan Entrepreneurs, Rahmuddin Haji Agha says there is a political issue, our problem will not be solved unless a trilateral agreement is not signed between Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Officials are welcoming this agreement and hoping for increasment in export industry of Afghanistan to India.

Reported By: Naimatullah Ahmadi

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