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Afghan Traders Warn of Investment Withdrawal If Gov’t Fails to Ensure Security  

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2017)

 A number of Afghan traders on Saturday warned of pulling out their investment from the country if the government failed to provide security and ensure their safety.

“We have invested in our country and we still not sure of being safe,” said an Afghan trader, Omar.

“Since last two months we have imported products worth about $20,000, but still we have not managed to have at least $1000 sells, because of bad security situation. We can’t continue to our business in this situation,” Another Afghan trader, Masih said.

Following the matter, an Afghan trader, Zabiullah Quraishi said if the government do not heed to the issue, the businessmen would have no choice but to pull out and invest in abroad where he/she can be at least safe.  

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI); however, said that corruption,  security and social challenges have made the situation tough for the investors in the country.

“There is no guarantee for a person who invest in Afghanistan, everyone works at his own risk and there is no security assurance,” said ACCI Deputy, Khan Jan Alkozay.

The ACCI expressed concerns on escalation of conflict and the issues in front of Afghan investors, and warned that if the situation continues as it is, the country will fell in deep investment crisis.

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