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Afghan traders should seek alternative businesspartner to Pakistan: CCI

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2016)


Officials in Chamber of Commerce and industry demanded all the Afghan businessmen to review their trade deals with Pakistan and seek new alternative ways for growing their businesses.

The following demand has made after that millions of dollars of Afghan businessmen goods are stopped on the other side of the Torkham border by the Pakistani officials

Economy experts declared the ongoing problems are coming from the poor policy of the Afghanistan Government for the support of the businesses.

Deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Khanjan Alkozai said,” I demand all the Afghan businessmen/Women to seek alternative business partner to Pakistan in order to avoid any financial damages.”

Scores of economy experts have urged if there is some necessary capacity within the sectarian Ministry now the Afghan businessmen wouldn’t face such problems.

“ What is important that the business partner needs to be changed, if a person with the police background becomes Minister of Commerce and industry or if a doctor is chosen as the Minister of work then there would be no development in the infrastructure of Afghanistan, Government should consider this issue Shabeer Basheeri the economy expert said,”

Based on the information Afghanistan is dealing with the amount of $6 million dollar with Pakistan annually, if the goods are stacked that means Afghan businessmen does bear financial damages.

Reported by Aslam Hejaab

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