Afghan Tracks to Take Over Shipment of Goods at Border Crossings

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2017)

Pakistani goods will be offloaded at border crossings before being loaded on Afghan trucks, the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation said Tuesday.

Speaking at a news conference in Kabul, the Acting Minister of Transport, Hamid Tahmasi said that the decision came after President Ashraf Ghani has ordered Pakistani trucks to be banned from entering Afghanistan.

Tahmasi said Afghan trucks will take over the shipment and will transfer the goods into the provinces.

He also said that the government will soon sign contracts with Central Asian countries in order to ease the Afghan Transportation.

“Mutual contracts will be signed with Central Asian countries including Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan so that we could pave the way for movement of Afghan vehicles into these countries,” Tahmasi said.

 This comes as earlier Pakistani trucks were allowed to move and transfer the goods into Afghanistan.

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