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Afghan Senate Approves Law of 10% Telecommunication Service Charges

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2017)

Afghan Senate also known as Meshrano Jirga has approved the Law of Telecommunication Service Charges which regulates the collection of 10% taxes on every single credit cards used by the customers of Afghan telecommunication companies.

The law which was signed by President Ashraf Ghani and went into effect around 2 years ago was previously cancelled by the parliament Lower House.

Some Members of Parliament (MPs), then, justified their decision as there isn’t a functioning transparent system for the collection of those taxes.

However, according to Rahim Hussainyar, a member of the Senate Telecommunication Commission, the cancellation of 10% imposed taxes for the customers will lead to budget deficit in the country.

Afghan senators also confirm such a problem but insist on creating an accountable system by the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology (MCIT).

“The 10% imposed taxes are transferred to the pockets where the money is not used for the people. The MCIT must create a transparent and accountable system for the collection of these taxes,” said Gul Ahmad Azami, an Afghan Senate Member.

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