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Afghan Security Forces Reclaim ‘Tora Bora’

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2017)

Afghan Commandos and Special Forces of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) have recaptured the “Tora Bora” a mountain hideout in Pachir Aw Agam district of Nangarhar province, the acting defense minister said on Saturday.

Three days ago, the Islamic State terror network claimed its fighters captured Usama bin Laden’s Tora Bora hideout, but the Taliban disputed the claim on Thursday.

ISIS released an audio recording on Wednesday saying its signature black flag was flying over the mountain range.

But Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said Taliban fighters drove ISIS from the parts of Tora Bora that it had seized, adding that more than 30 ISIS militants were killed in the fighting.

During a press conference in Kabul, the acting defense minister called the IS group a dangerous and equipped group in Afghanistan.

“The presence of Daesh in Nangarhar is a concerning issue but for the complete elimination of this group more operations need to be continued. Now the Tora Bora area in under Afghan security forces’ control,” said Tareq Shah Bahrami, acting defense minister.

However, everyday stories release over suppress of Daesh in Afghanistan, but the group still activate in some parts of the country.

“The IS group is not an ordinary group, they have donors and equips and fight until they have the capability,” Bahrami added.

Afghanistan Ministry of Defense insures that a number of U.S. soldiers will come to Afghanistan for advise and training to Afghan troops in the near future.

Previously, the commander of NATO has asked for deploy of more troops to Afghanistan, but Afghan analyst stress that deploy of more troops would be useless if the terrorist safe havens not destroyed in Pakistan.

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