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Afghan Political Experts Call Both Parties for Unity

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2014)


A Number of the Afghan political experts have expressed their reaction against the recent Election tensions saying both Presidential candidates should consider the Afghanistan National interests and avoid and disagreements and clashes they should be responsible to Afghans and enter a new phase of negotiations.


Afghan experts have declared that the continuation of the challenges within the Election process is harmful especially in the sensitive critical condition of our country is experiencing.


Afghan political expert Aziz Rafiee said,” these following tensions within the Afghanistan Election Process is not new issue.”


It’s said that after the mediation of UNAMA and US secretary of the United State   John Kerry the auditing of the votes was begun today within the presence of the Abdullah Abdullah supervisors now a question rises where this Election process will take us?


The second round of the Presidential Election auditing process was delayed four times during past two weeks this time the Independent Election Commission IEC has begun the auditing process without the presence of the Abdullah Abdullah campaigners.

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