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Afghan Police Launch Crackdown on Black Tinted Vehicles of MPs

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2019)

Afghan police launched a new crackdown on unregistered and black tinted vehicles following a clash between police Special Forces and parliamentarians on Friday night in Kabul.

On Sunday, police used a random checkpoint in Darulaman Road, leading to the building of the National Assembly, to detect and search armored vehicles, mostly related to the members of the Afghan parliament.

The move was welcomed by former lawmakers and Kabul residents who pointing fingers on parliamentarians, saying law must be enforced equally.

“No one is an exception when it comes to law enforcement,” said Nazir Ahmad Ahmadzai, a former lawmaker.

He added that members of parliament are not allowed to carry unregistered weapons and vehicles.

“They must be investigated,” Mr. Ahmadzai added.

Najim Kargar, a resident of Kabul recalled several months ago when an MP tried overtaking but he did not allowed him. Mr. Kargar said he was physically beaten by the lawmaker for not letting him to overtake.

A lawmaker criticized the midnight emergency meeting of MPs with the Minister of Interior following the issue between police and parliamentarians on Friday night.

Shinkay Karokhail, a female MP from the capital Kabul said there are some shortages within the parliament and security institutions which needs to be resolved.

Meanwhile, some members of the Afghan senate called on police to collect all black-tinted vehicles because they are posing security threats.

“Police are sacrificing for the people. There must be a crackdown against illegal vehicles,” said Anarkali Honaryar, a senator from the minority Sikh community in the Upper House of Afghan Parliament.

Gulali Noor Safi, another female senator criticized member of the National Assembly for having vehicles with unidentified palate numbers.

However, some senate members blamed security forces for harassing politicians.

“I’m calling on the leadership of the Afghan security forces to punish those who want to make distance between security forces and people,” said Mohammad Hashim Alokozai, a senate member.

“We have been insulted. We don’t afraid of Taliban but we do afraid of [police on] crossroads,” said Nader Baloch, another senate member.

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