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Afghan Physicians operate VSD in Kabul Medical Institute

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2016)


Afghan doctors have just been capable to operate Ventricular septal defect VSD in Kabul medial institute for the first time in the history of medicine in the country.

Doctors have urged that by having necessary equipment and tools to launch operations we will be capable to do any kind of surgery in Afghanistan on heart problems, saying it will also prevent patients no to go to abroad for more treatments and save some of their money.

Meanwhile Minister of higher education has entitled as big achievement and pushing through to provide necessary tools and equipments for the following medical institution.

Ventricular septal defect disease has been rife among Afghan children where most of the poor families cant afford to take their love once to abroad and pay big money to treat their children.

A patient was treated well by the doctors in Kabul medical institute,the doctors have her heart suffering from VSD disease treated and now Miss Maryam who is 11 year old is doing ok.

Professor Shrini aqa Zarif said,” we have used what we had on our hands to treat the 11 year old Maryam to get healthy which the operation was successfully accomplished and she is doing ok.”

They have claimed that if the necessary and other tools for launching operations to be accessed different operations will be taken place here in the country under the supervision of Afghan doctors.

Dr. Manocher Timorian expert on heart disease said,” now we can launch operation on children who are suffering from ventricular septal defect, we hope to have tools to cure other heart disease in the country, this will help Afghans not spend more money to take their love once to abroad.”

Meanwhile Minister of higher education Farida Momand said,” this is a big achievement for doctors specially for doctors in Kabul university medical institute, this will not be the last operation we will continue to our efforts.”

Maryam’s father has thanked all the staffs carrying operation on her daughter’s heart successfully and appreciated officials for further supports to be provided for doctors.

Reported by Hameed Sediqee

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