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Afghan Peace Process: Afghanistan Is Close to Peace   

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2019)

The United States is working to create the conditions to find a settlement to the Afghan war and bring peace in Afghanistan, stresses John Bass, the U.S. Ambassador in Afghanistan.

“After so many years of conflict in Afghanistan we now see the prospect to make real progress towards a settlement that will bring peace,” says Mr. Bass.

Moreover, the European Union says that there are hopes regarding the peace process in Afghanistan.

“There are reasons for hope for both peace and democracy in Afghanistan: for ongoing momentum around peace to produce good results and the 28 September Presidential Election to stay on truck,” says Pierre Mayaudon, the European Union Ambassador in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Candidates Council says that the peace agreement will be prioritized than the election process.

This council accepts the delay in holding the upcoming presidential election for peace and formation of an interim government.

“The person who comes to the power should lead the peace process perfectly since peace is important,” says Shahab Hakimi, a presidential candidate.

However, the Presidential Palace says that the issue of the election’s delay due to the peace process is not discussable.

“The issue of election is never discussable. The election will be held as it has its specific timeline. These are nothing but only rumors,” says Sediq Sediqqi, the Spokesperson to the Presidential Palace.

At the same time, the political office of the Taliban in Qatar is optimistic that next year the Eid days will be celebrated under the role of an inclusive government in absence of the foreigner forces in Afghanistan.

This comes as the peace agreement is expected to be signed after the Eid days between the U.S. and the Taliban in which timeline of the foreigner forces withdrawal from Afghanistan and anti-terrorism guarantees will be made clear.   

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