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Afghan Peace Conference in China Delayed After Moscow 4-Party Meeting

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2019)

An intra-Afghan meeting that was scheduled to be held in China delayed for an unspecified period of time after representatives of United States, China, Russia, and Pakistan met in Moscow on Friday.

The two-day conference was scheduled for October 28 between representatives of Taliban and Afghan politicians including Kabul government officials.

Haji Din Mohammad, an Afghan politician who is invited to the Beijing conference told Ariana News that the intra-Afghan conference has delayed for a couple of days.

Mawlawi Qalamuddin, a former Taliban official who is also invited to the conference confirmed the postponement.

“There might be 25 participants close to [Former President Hamid] Karzai, 10 government representatives and 15 Taliban representatives that will participate at the conference,” said Mohammad Hassan Haqyar, a pro-Taliban analyst.

Both the Afghan government and the Taliban insurgent group say their representatives will take part in the meeting.

“The Afghan government is working to prepare a proper list of participants for China conference,” said Najia Anwari, a spokesperson of State Ministry for Peace Affairs.

The Taliban said in a statement that Beijing has invited them to the conference and its delegation will participate under the leadership of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

In addition, on Friday meeting, Russia, China and Pakistan have called for an early resumption of talks between the United States and the Taliban to reach an agreement about ending the war in Afghanistan.

“Russia, China and Pakistan expressed their support for the earliest resumption of negotiation process and reaching an agreement between the United States of America and the Taliban movement, which will pave the way for launching intra-Afghan talks,” a post-meeting statement noted.

Meanwhile, the four-party meeting have called on all warring parties in Afghanistan to observe a ceasefire for the duration of intra-Afghan negotiations.

The participants of Moscow meeting have also called on the Afghan government and Taliban to release “significant numbers of prisoners at the start of intra-Afghan negotiations.”

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